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Global ODM of first-class optical interconnection equipment
SYLEX, a mid-size company founded in 1995, is a world-class original design manufacturer of high-quality optical interconnect solutions and fibre optic sensing/monitoring solutions. Main markets of fibre optic interconnection division SYLEX services are: Telecom, Datacom & LAN Business, On-Board Optics, General Industry, Defense, aerospace & Harsh environment. SYLEX offers automated monitoring solutions based on modernized FBG technology. These systems are used to monitor the structural health and operational conditions of infrastructure objects within many industries – civil, geotechnical, energy or transportation infrastructure chemical, oil & gas or process control and automation. We also make OEM and custom build FBG sensors and cooperate with R&D entities as a SME partner. Our superb engineering and design capabilities, strong quality control systems and substantial manufacturing capacity allows us to deliver both high-volume and custom-tailored solutions extremely rapidly as clients or the market require.

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